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The manufactory

History behind the Brand

GIRELLO rotating rings are a patented innovation from the MEISTER manufactory. They are the culmination of more than 125 years of MEISTER history - a bridge between the finest traditional goldsmith's art and modernity. The MEISTER manufactories in Switzerland and Germany are staffed by experts who combine craftsmanship that has grown over generations with innovative high-tech. Precision, quality and an exemplary CO₂-neutral energy concept testify to the responsible use of natural resources, which are just as precious to MEISTER as the precious materials from sustainable sources from which the unique GIRELLO rotating rings are made.

Unique Design

Each GIRELLO rotating ring is a symbol of unique beauty. Our designers put all their passion and skill into bringing these exceptional pieces of jewellery to life.

Our diamond lab

Without exception, all the diamonds in our GIRELLO rings are tested by our experts in the diamond laboratory of our workshop. The four Cs – carat (weight), colour, clarity and cut – are our strict quality criteria which guarantee uncompromising quality of the highest standard from conflict-free sources.


First class craftsmanship

Like musicians in an orchestra, our talented experts work together to create our unrivalled GIRELLO rotating rings: from jewellery designers, goldsmiths, platinum smiths and technicians, to gemologists, diamond appraisers, jewellers and surface refiners. They all play their part to achieve a single goal – your unique GIRELLO, capturing life's most special moments.


Our quality promise

The engraved GIRELLO seal in each GIRELLO rotating ring marks it out as an original and is a guarantee for sustainability, top quality materials and the finest workmanship. These marks of quality make every GIRELLO ring unique and create timeless value.

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